Thursday, September 20, 2007

Western Rock Music

Western rock music is a popular music form. It featuresvocals often with vocal harmony and accompanied withinstruments- electric guitars, a bass guitar, keyboardinstruments- electric piano, organ and synthesizer anddrum sets. Other musical instruments like saxophone,trumpet and trombone are also included. Earlier hornswere also used which are not being used since the 90s.The central piece of instrument in western rock musicis of course the electric guitar. The microphone usedby the singers itself functions as a musical instrument.Many singers depend upon the amplification and variouseffects like echo obtained by electronically transformingthe sound obtained through the microphone.
The characteristic musical style categorized as rockmusic and music of its related styles has dominated themusical scene of the west since about 1955. Western rockmusic has its origins in the Unites States. However, ithas been influenced and shaped by a broad field of culturesand musical traditions over the years. There has been theinfluence of gospel music, the blues, western country music,western classical music, folk music etc. Some elements ofpopular music of Asia, Africa and Latin America have alsobeen incorporated in western rock music.
Western rock music styles have evolved into its completeform around 1959 with predominant influence of the whitemusicians. A major western rock music style is rock and rollor rock by Soal Brown


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